Castle Bed: the Playroom of your dreams

Castle Bed by Savio Firmino

The Castle Bed is one of the most famous creations by Savio Firmino. It amazes everyone, from mothers to children, making them dream of a fairytale place.

We challenge any child not to crave a bed and a playroom like the iconic Castle Bed. Indeed, it is pretty sure that, seeing it, even older people bring out the child in them. Castle Bed by Savio Firmino is breathtaking and impressive. Crafted entirely from wood, this amazing bed will provide many hours of sleep and play, giving your child unforgettable memories of his/her childhood.

Castle Bed has its own turrets and windows, just like a real one. It is handprinted, in a wood finish of your choice (Antique White, Antique White and bleached gold, Antique White and bleached silver, Antique White and light blue, Antique White and pink). The crest, finished in gold leaf, can be personalised with the child’s initials.

The top bunk could be used as a play area or simply for sleeping. This enchanted bed includes the option of a built in bookcase, staircase and a slide. It comes with several configurations which can be resized to fit your space. Built by master craftsmen, Castle Bed is not just a fine piece of furniture, but it also demonstrates our commitment to ethical sourcing, considering that wood and finish are safe and non-toxic.

Sociological studies show that, in the houses where children’s room are decorated in a fairytale or game style, the little ones grow up more active and cheerful, less prone to mood swings and psychological discomfort.