NOTTE FATATA grows and becomes CHILDREAMS by Savio Firmino

Less than a year ago, the collection of luxury furniture for children, Notte Fatata by Savio Firmino, changed its identity, becoming Childreams by Savio Firmino.

Intended for children, this collection, launched in 2008, was specially designed by Guido Savio to celebrate the birth of his first granddaughter, Viola. An exclusive and complete collection of cots, beds, changing tables, castles and benches. It is the perfect interpretation of the Savio Firmino style for children.

The rebranding of the children’s furniture collection created by Savio Firmino is a process of strategic change of the brand identity that has just begun.

In addition to a new name – Childreams – the development of the most exclusive line in the world includes a new evocative logo, and a new specific communication strategy, up to the launch of new, enchanting products.

Unique, intelligent and imaginative furnishings capable of creating unique emotions for mothers, children and the whole family. In Childreams, inspired pieces are hand made in Italy making every day bespoke and unique. Every collection is the result of innovation combined with the skilful work of master artisans, ensuring the finest pieces adorn and enhance aristocratic homes.

Savio Firmino is a brand already consolidated in the market, in which Childreams creates a differentiated and at the same time joint identity with the aim of maintaining the role of reference point of unique emotions for childhood.

The world of Childreams is an enchanted kingdom for your prince or princess to savour. With Childreams precious children grow in curiosity and imagination to become people of vision and limitless horizons. Let their journey begin here, in magic.