How to keep the air in your rooms clean

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We do not think often about the quality of the air circulating in our home, until we have children. Little ones need to be kept safe and, most of the time, unclean air can cause allergies and other problems. In addition to keeping the windows open and trying to ventilate your home as much as possible, the ideal would be to have an air purifier that does not emit ozone. 

Tips to keep the air in your house clean

We have just said that keeping the windows open is not enough, because sometimes the air outside is even worse, saturated with smog, fine dust and pollen. For this reason, you have to look for an air purifier that doesn’t simply trap pollutants, but that can actually destroy them. The COVID-19 emergency has taught us to constantly ventilate closed environments; the air purifier comes to your aid from this point of view: it will destroy airborne viruses, reducing the possibility of getting sick.

However, there are other precautions that we can take:

1- Do not keep pollutants in the house: paints, glues, petrol and solvents must remain outside the home, in separate environments, and used only with the appropriate individual protections and in ventilated environments.

2- Avoid stagnation of vapors and fumes: If it is necessary to work at home with substances that emit vapors and fumes, or if cigarette smoke is present, it is essential to immediately ventilate the rooms where the smoke is found, in order to prevent it from stagnating in the rooms, settling on surfaces and being breathed in by the occupants of the house.

3- Always ventilate after activities that produce pollutants: We tend not to consider the pollutants and waste products produced by our daily domestic activities, precisely because they are habitual activities that we carry out at home. Yet it is essential to change the air after activities such as showering, cooking, cleaning, to avoid the accumulation of excess moisture and substances harmful to health.

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