How to build a stylish child friendly home


You have furnished your home, following your personal taste, and you are satisfied with the result you have achieved.  Everything is perfect, but suddenly you realize that not your whole house is childproof. Don’t worry parents! Here we have some tips to build a stylish child friendly home, without compromising your taste. 

3 Tips to have a stylish childproof home

1- Kids + Marble is not a great deal
Do you want to renovate your house with the look of marble? 

One real possibility is that your kids can spoil it, with unwanted stains and etchings. For this reason, a valid alternative to marble could be the use of Caesarstone, an engineered quartz stone non-porous, resistant to scratches, cracks and stains, and available in a variety of gorgeous finishes.

2- Childproof wall painting

Children usually like to write on surfaces and explore all areas with their hands. Putting paint with an eggshell finish on the wall may be your best decision or the most durable option in areas that can be reached by little hands. With a damp sponge, you can easily wipe off the remnants of your little artist’s work.

3- A smart textile option
Think of an intelligent textile choice, to cover areas frequented by children, such as an outdoor fabric or synthetic leather. They could spill milk, juice or whatever. Choose anything that can be thrown in the wash or wiped down with a wet cloth. 

The same goes for sofas, upholstered chairs and poufs: the best choice is to buy something made with a blend of fabrics, because it wears better over time and handles stains. Also consider a print on some of the accessory pieces as prints tend to disguise stains more so than solids.

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